By author:
(listed alphabetically by author's last name)

  • Brown, Dan:
Inferno   (Reviewed: 5/27/2013; 3 stars) 
  • Longworth, M.L.:
Death in the Vines   (Reviewed: 7/31/2014; 2 stars) 
  • Mayne, Andrew:
Angel Killer   (Reviewed: 10/17/2014; 5 stars) 
Name of the Devil   (Reviewed: 7/14/2015; 4.5 stars)
  • Rendell, Ruth:
The St. Zita Society   (Reviewed: 10/13/2012; 3.5 stars) 
  • Shepard, Sara:
The Heiresses   (Reviewed: 6/23/2014; 5+ stars) 

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