Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Need Your Help....

I really wanted to pick your brain and see if any of you could help me...

I am looking to start reading some scary and spooky novels and need some recommendations. I prefer for the novels to be set in historical times, but modern times dealing with the past are okay too. I love books about witches and ghosts and haunted houses. I do not care for werewolves and vampires. I really enjoyed reading The Winter People and all the books by Wendy Webb and Simone St. James. Those types of books are the ones that I am really looking for. But please do keep in mind that I am open minded and open to all suggestions. I really would welcome to hear your recommendations of books that you loved and enjoyed and that sent that shiver up your spine. Please leave me comments with your recommendations and know that they are greatly appreciated.

I haven't read a lot of these types of books so I was eager to reach out to my wonderful followers and blog friends to see if you could help me with this. I hope to hear from you guys soon and start reading some utterly eerie and fantastic novels soon!



  1. Dan Simmons is one that has been recommended to me. He has written some scary ones with a historical setting, like The Terror. One of my personal favorites is Hell House by Richard Matheson, not really historical, but wonderfully creepy/scary.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations. I will have to check these out!



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