Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In My Mailbox (June 18)

A cute little meme hosted by The Story Siren...

Received from Netgalley for Review:

1. Lady of Passion--Freda Lightfoot

Received from Edelweiss for Review:

1. The Ludwig Conspiracy--Oliver Potzsch

Received from Publisher for Review:

1. Freud's Mistress--Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman
2. The Butterfly Sister--Amy Gail Hansen







1. A Charmed Death--Madelyn Alt (Bewitching Mystery #2)
2. A Veiled Deception--Annette Blair (Vintage Magic Mystery #1)
3. Cat Nap--Claire Donally (Sunny & Shadow Mystery #2)
4. Deadly Daggers--Joyce and Jim Lavene (Renaissance Faire Mystery #3)
5. Death By Diamonds--Annette Blair (Vintage Magic Mystery #3)
6. Ghastly Glass--Joyce and Jim Lavene (Renaissance Faire Mystery #2)
7. Harrowing Hats--Joyce and Jim Lavene (Renaissance Faire Mystery #4)
8. Hex on the Ex--Rochelle Stabb (Mind for Murder Mystery #3)
9. Larceny and Lace--Annette Blair (Vintage Magic Mystery #2)
10. Mayhem at the Orient Express--Kylie Logan (League of Literary Ladies Mystery #1)
11. Murder Past Due--Miranda James (Cat in the Stacks Mystery #1)
12. No Rest for the Wiccan--Madelyn Alt (Bewitching Mystery #4)
13. One Thousand White Women--Jim Fergus
14. Steamed to Death--Peg Cochran (Gourmet-de-Lite Mystery #2)
15. The Trouble with Magic--Madelyn Alt (Bewitching Mystery #1)
16. Treacherous Toys--Joyce and Jim Lavene (Renaissance Faire Mystery #5)
17. Trouble Vision--Allison Kingsley (Raven's Nest Bookstore Mystery #3)
18. Where There's a Witch--Madelyn Alt (Bewitching Mystery #5)
19. Wicked Weaves--Joyce and Jim Lavene (Renaissance Faire Mystery #1)
Bought for Kindle:


1. Ellis Island--Kate Kerrigan
2. His Last Duchess--Gabrielle Kimm
3. Just Desserts--Mary Daheim (Bed and Breakfast Mystery #1)
4. Kneading to Die--Liz Mugavero (Pawsitively Organic Mystery #1)
5. The Witch of Blackbird Pond-Elizabeth George Speare

Books from the Library:


1. Revenge Wears Prada--Lauren Weisberger (Prada #2)
2. The House of Special Purpose--John Boyne
3. Without a Summer--Mary Robinette Kowal (Glamourist Histories #3)

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